Tour Time: 10:00 AM Daily

Q: Can children come on the tour?
A: This really isn't a tour for young children. There's a lot of talk about heroin overdoses and suicide. You know your child though so the decision is yours. But, absolutely no infants or toddlers. I love them but they just can't hang. Every time small children have taken the tour, it's been a problem. Kindergartner's seem to do OK though.

Q: How much does the tour cost? What time does it run?

A: $80.00 per person. 10:00 AM Daily.

Q: The tours are full on the day I want to take it, is there anything you can do?

A: I apologize but no, there's really nothing I can do.

Q: It shows you only have one seat left for the tour I want to take. If I just show up, can you squeeze two of us in?
A: No, if it shows one seat left, there is only one seat left. The only exceptions to the rule of squeezing someone in are: If there are two seats left and you need three, you can pay for two people and the three of you can ride in the very back seat together.(Cozy but comfortable.) Also, if there are three seats left and you need four, three will ride in back together and one in another seat up front. Otherwise, I won’t put strangers right next to one another in the back.

Q: Do people ever cancel their tours?

A: Not very often. Everybody pays when they book and I only offer refunds in extreme situations so that people don't cancel on me.

Q: How long does the tour last?
A: About three hours on a 23 mile rout.

Q: Where does the tour pick up?
A: Next to the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop) at Seattle Center. (325 5th Ave. North) Take 5th Avenue N. to Harrison Street. Look for a gray Dodge mini-van. There are parking lots across the street and right next to the pick-up location if you're driving your own car.

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Q: Can you pick me up from my hotel?
A: No, but after the tour I can drop you off anywhere downtown. The last stop is the Central Saloon in Pioneer Square. A lot of people choose to stay there for lunch/drinks. It's six blocks from Pike Place Market.

Q: How big is the bus?

A: It's not a bus, it's just a mini-van.

Q: How many vans do you have?
A: Just one. This is a one-woman operation.

Q: Do you offer large group tours?
A: Not at this time. The maximum I can accommodate is six, with three riding in the back seat together. If you book all five seats, enter promo code GROUP to get 10% off. A sixth person can ride for free. 

Q: Do you offer private/special time tours?
A: Because of other obligations, I’m unable to. Sorry about that.

Q: Do we go to Jimi's grave?
A: Unfortunately, no. The city of Renton is just too far away.
Q: How many times do we stop to get out of the van?
On average six times, but you can get out anywhere you want. We're in a small van so we're able to pull over easily.

Q: What if I have to use a bathroom?
A: There's a bathroom stop half-way through the tour.

Q: Do we go by Eddie Vedder
's house?

A: No

Q: What if it's raining really hard?
A: We have umbrella's. Or, you can stay in the van.

Q: Will there be people I don't know on the tour?
A: More than likely.

Q: Can we take pictures?
A: As many as you'd like. I just ask that you don’t shoot video or record audio inside the van. We stop everywhere so you can get out and do whatever you want.