Tour Times:
Spring/Summer-10am & 1:30pm

Q: Can children come on the tour?
A: This really isn't a tour for young children. There's a lot of talk about heroin overdoses and suicide. You know your child though so the decision is yours. But, absolutely no infants or toddlers. I love them but they just can't hang. Every time small children have taken the tour, it's been a problem. Kindergartner's seem to do OK though.

Q: How much does the tour cost?
A: $65 per person. 

Q: The tours are full on the day I want to take it, is there anything you can do?
A: I apologize but no, there's really nothing I can do.

Q: It shows you only have one seat left for the tour I want to take. If I just show up, can you squeeze two of us in?
A: No, if it shows one seat left, there is only one seat left.

Q: Do people ever cancel their tours?
A: Not very often. Everybody pays when they book and I only offer refunds in extreme situations so that people don't cancel on me.

Q: How long does the tour last?
A: About three hours.

Q: Where does the tour pick up?
A: Next to the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop) at Seattle Center. (325 5th Ave. North) Take 5th Avenue N. to Harrison Street. Look for a black Dodge mini-van. There are parking lots across the street and right next to the pick-up location if you're driving your own car.

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Q: Can you pick me up from my hotel?
A: No, but after the tour I can drop you off anywhere downtown. The last stop is the Central Saloon in Pioneer Square. A lot of people choose to stay there for lunch/drinks. It's six blocks from Pike Place Market.

Q: How big is the bus?

A: It's not a bus, it's just a mini-van.

Q: How many vans do you have?
A: Just one. This is a one-woman operation.

Q: Do you offer large group tours?
A: Not at this time. The maximum I can accommodate is 6.

Q: Do you offer private/special time tours?
A: No

Q: Do we go to Jimi's grave?
A: Unfortunately, no. The city of Renton is just too far away.
Q: How many times do we stop to get out of the van?
On average 6 times, but you can get out anywhere you want. We're in a small van so we're able to pull over easily.

Q: What if I have to use a bathroom?
A: There's a bathroom stop half-way through the tour.

Q: Do we go by Eddie Vedder
's house?
A: No

Q: What if it's raining really hard?
A: We have umbrella's. Or, you can stay in the van.

Q: Will there be people I don't know on the tour?
A: More than likely.

Q: Can we take pictures?
A: As many as you'd like.