Due to COVID-19, Some Bars on The Tour Are Closed

KERRY PARK & CHANGING FORM SCULPTURE: Great view of the city. You can also re-create Andy Wood’s famous photo.

THE PARAMOUNT THEATER: Nirvana shot an extended video at this theater. It’s also on the historical registry. Andy Wood’s memorial was held here in March of 1990.

THE MOORE THEATER: Pearl Jam’s Even Flow video was shot here on January 17, 1992. Mad Season also shot an extended video here in 1995.

JIMI HENDRIX STATUE: Since 1997. Broadway & Pine.

THE SINGLES APARTMENT BUILDING: This is where the majority of the characters lived in the movie.

JEFF AMENT'S OLD APARTMENT: This is where he and Stone listened to Eddie's demo tape.

EL CORAZON (Formerly the Off Ramp): This is where Pearl Jam played their first show. It's also where Nirvana played their first Seattle show with Dave on drums.

CROCODILE CAFE: Opened in 1991, this place has hosted tons of album release parties and good times.  It used to be owned by Peter Buck's wife. Now it's owned by Sean Kinney and Susan Silver.

BLACK SUN SCULPTURE: Some say this is the inspiration for the Soundgarden song, Black Hole Sun. 

VIRETTA PARK: Located next door to the home where Kurt Cobain lived and died, the bench at the park has become a shrine. You can check out his house too.

THE CENTRAL SALOON: *Last Stop on Tour. We’ll Go In* (Many people choose to stay here after the tour for drinks or food.) A true Seattle institution. Nirvana played their first Seattle show here in April of 1988...to nobody. Mother Love Bone played their last show here. There’s also a memorial to the dead rock stars of Seattle on the wall.